Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, and Emotional Issues - Tucson Acupuncture shares

Anxiety, Depression, and Emotional Issues

Treated effectively with 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Local Tucson Acupuncturist Juan Tejada

Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, 

and Emotional Issues

Answering questions in blogs in the internet that ask “Does loneliness put women at risk of heart problems?” The answer is yes!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a person that feels lonely or depressed already has imbalances that affect the body, mind and spirit. 

TCM does not separate the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.  The whole being is affected by emotional situations that linger because the person is unwilling or unable to resolve in a loving way. Holding onto feelings of anger, resentment, fear, causes the chi (our body’s life force) to stagnate creating all sort of imbalances that eventually turn into pain and other physical conditions. TCM treats these conditions every day with Acupuncture and in combination with Medicinal Chinese herbs.

How do we prevent ourselves from becoming emotionally stuck? By not taking things, people and ourselves so personally; we take everything so seriously that it keeps us from enjoying life. By meditating/praying and realizing that this life is too short to bother with things that keep us suffering and taking good care of our physical, mental and spiritual health!

At our Tucson Oro Valley Marana Acupuncture Clinic- we practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and  include Life coaching with our “Optimum 1 hour” treatment- which helps our patients gain a new perspective and tools on how to do life easier.

You have natural healing options if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, and emotional issues! Call us to find out more about this wonderful healing medicine- that is so much more than just needles.

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